What is Hokinoto about? ↓

At the core, Hokinoto is about the analysis of specific aspects within video games, with a primary focus on those of a Japanese origin. I plan to publish an article each month, honing in on a particular aspect of a chosen video game in the form of an in-depth look and analysis.

When Hokinoto was in its inceptive stages, I encountered a message which was reflective of what I wanted to convey in the formation of this site:

“There’s an increasingly prevalent school of thought that this job is about finding the bad in everything. It’s not. If all you have is cynicism and snark you’re just a kid off a forum with a bigger platform. Find things that excite you, that you think are joyful or vital or important or bonkers. The job is a lot more fun that way, I promise. Let me put it this way. Did you decide to write about games for a living because you hate them?”

Nathan Brown, Editor EDGE

Why is it about that? ↓

This medium has a quality that is often overlooked, focus often drawing attention to the longevity, graphical quality or performance capabilities. I focus on the reason I continue to play games. There’s a joy in coupling playing them, with talking about them, thinking about them, making them intellectual, appreciating them as art, not just talking about how games play but why we play them.

A game as an entertainment piece doesn’t need to be analysed or contextualised, you see it, you experience it, you leave it behind but as a piece of art or narrative, it is worth analysing and revisiting. Video games can be loaded, meaningful, and inspiring each with a message to take-away. I’d like to convey that message in written form.

What is it not about? ↓

Hokinoto isn’t a news, previews or reviews outlet, nor is it a site that chooses quality over quantity. I focus on the positive points of a game, sharing my perspective and unique take on a specific aspect.